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Epoxy Terrazzo Installation Process

We are professional Terrazzo Company, we pride of having ability to perform any Terrazzo installation work from the start to the end, from the simplest to the most complex.

Our highly skilled and experienced Installers team are very dedicated to ensure quality and customer satisfaction and beyond.

We create Innovation based on our experience, quality and dedication.

Our work Crews are qualified to deliver a job well done, however, we pride ourselves in always putting health, safety, satisfaction, and cleanliness first.

Our goal is always to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our performance.

We manifest this care through our projects management, strong personnel supervision, and attention to details, good judgment, and discipline.

The value of our years of services and years to come.

Epoxy Terrazzo Installation Process

Terrazzo flooring has a long and rich history that dates back over 1500 years. Terrazzo, from the Italian word for terraces, is one of the original recycled products – created centuries ago by Venetian workers utilizing the waste chips from slab marble processing.

Today terrazzo flooring continues to provide the ultimate in durability and low maintenance, typically lasting the life of the building. The combination of beauty, durability, and low maintenance has led to a renaissance in the use of terrazzo over the past decade.

The demand for terrazzo is increasing in many markets, from performance driven institutions such as schools, airports, and hospitals; to the designer driven markets of retail and commercial buildings. Terrazzo is the ultimate choice when evaluating finishes on a life cycle basis.


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